Butter 82,5%

Product description

Ingredients: cream from cow milk. Cream is converted into butter by churning. The butter designation is dedicated to diary products which consist of homogeneous water emulsion in fat.


All food applications.

20 kg cardboard boxes.

Storage and Shelf life:
Butter must be kept in its original packaging sealed and protected from air and light in the refrigerator at humidity not more than 80%.

  • 10 days* — at 0°С to +6°С  *retail sell and in restaurants
  • 3 months — at 0°С to -5°С
  • 9 months — at -6°С to -11°С
  • 12 months — at -12°С to -18°С

Origin: Ukraine

Bacteriological Characteristics​
QMAFAnM, *CFU / 1 g, max. <1*105
Coliforms /0,1 g, max. absent
Yeast and mold /g, max < 100
Salmonella /25 g absent
Organoleptic Characteristics​​
Appearance and consistency Homogeneous, plastic, consistent. Cut surface is shiny and dry.
Color Light-yellow to yellow
Taste and smell Clean, creamy with pasteurization taste
Physical and Chemical Characteristics​
Nonfat milk solids,% max. 1,5
Moisture, % max. 16,0
Fat, % min. 82,5
Acidity, °Т max.. 23,0
Acidity of the fat phase, °К,

All specifications are the subject to final confirmation on agreement

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