Skimmed Milk Powder

Product description

Skimmed milk powder is produced by evaporation and spray drying followed by mixing to normalize the indicators according to the customers' requirements.


Due to the properties Skimmed milk powder is widely used in confectionery, meat, dairy industry (making cheeses, yoghurts, ice cream, condensed milk), production of baby food and diet products, fast food products, bakery products and mixtures for the bakery industry.


  • Recombined SMP: When recombined with water and fat, SMP can be used as a dairy component in place of fluid milk or cream.
  • Confectionary: Used in aerated confections such as malted milk and nougat centers. It stabilizes foam structure by preventing air bubbles from collapsing. SMP also lends a desirable light dairy flavor, helps control sucrose crystallization (due to its lactose content), and binds water to produce the firm, chewy texture of confectionary centers. It is also used in soft sweets, coatings and caramel confections.
  • Sports and Nutrition Foods: SMP provides the protein, vitamin (except for fat soluble vitamins) and mineral content (such as calcium) required as well as functional properties such as water binding, thickening, emulsification and flavor in athletic foods.
  • Meat production: SMP improves the overall flavor and color of meat products. The water-binding capacity of SMP allows the meat products to retain moisture.
  • Ice Cream and Frozen Dairy Desserts: Important source of non-fat milk solids in ice cream, sherbets, frozen yogurts and other dairy desserts. Standardization is commonly practiced in dairy products to adjust the protein-to-fat ratio.
  • Other: Coffee whiteners and cream liqueurs, frostings and puddings, substitute for eggs in various products (acts as the emulsifier) etc.


Multi-ply paper bags with heat-sealed polyethylene liner, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 40 kg net weight. Big bags 400
and 800 kg net weight.

Storage and Shelf life:

To be stored under cool, dry conditions in well-ventilated premises. If stored under optimal conditions the quality is stable up to 24 months.

Origin: Ukraine

Bacteriological Characteristics​
TPC / g, max <10 000
Coliforms /0,1 g, max. absent
Yeast and mold /g, max < 100
Salmonella /25 g absent
Organoleptic Characteristics​​
Appearance Dry powder
Color From white to slight creamy
Taste and smell Typical milky or neutral without foreign odor
Physical and Chemical Characteristics​
Protein (d.b.), % min 34,0
Moisture, % max. 4,0
Fat, % max. 1,5
Solubility index, max 0,1
Acidity °Т, max.. 18,0
Purity (disc), max A


All specifications are the subject to final confirmation on agreement

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